In a world of instant gratification, good podcast names can seem impossible to find, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Whenever I am tasked with finding a name for a new podcast, I keep three simple rules in mind. Naturally, you are not obligated to follow these rules. But I find that these rules help your listeners even more than they help you, the host, and any time I can help my listeners, I do.

In the beginning, when you’re a brand new podcast, anything you can do to help your listener is going to benefit you in the long run.

So I encourage you, at a minimum, to run any potential podcast names you come up with through these three tests. Then hopefully by the end of your journey you will have one of the best podcast names in history.

Easy To Say

Good podcast names are easy to say.

Before a potential listener ever hears your show, they are likely going to see the name of your podcast. If they can’t read the name or if it’s a jumble of letters or words that they don’t understand, they are a lot less likely to listen.

Even if they do listen, think about what you want to happen next.

Ideally, this listener will love the show and proceed to tell all of their friends and family about it.

However, if the show has a name they can’t pronounce or are unsure how to pronounce, it quickly becomes less than ideal. Even with their best effort, you’re leaving a lot of room for error.

Your listener might get the name completely wrong which doesn’t help you. They might pronounce it incorrectly so when their friend goes to search for it, they can’t find it. Or they might forget the name of the podcast altogether which doesn’t help anybody.

While I like to put the focus on the listener, podcast names that are easy to say are good for you too.

You, as the host, will be speaking the name of your podcast more than anyone else.

At a minimum I would expect you to mention the name at the beginning and end of each episode. You might reference an old episode in the middle of the show. You will be talking about your podcast with friends, family, and coworkers who show interest. In each of these cases, you will need to share the podcast’s name with them as well.

A good podcast name should be easy to say so that it’s easy to share.

Easy To Spell

Good podcast names are easy to spell.

It can be very tempting to add an extra “r” or remove some vowels from a name if it means that you can nab the domain name and Twitter handle with your alternate spelling, but let’s hold off on that for a minute.

Around the time my sister had her first child, she told me that the kids' names had to meet two qualifications.

  1. When you see it, you can say it.
  2. When you say it, you can spell it.

I think these are great rules for naming kids, but I also think we can apply them to podcast names.

As I mentioned above, I’m always thinking about my listener. I don’t want to make it difficult for them to remember the name of the podcast. I don’t want to cause unnecessary stress when trying to spell the name of my podcast.

Ultimately you want your listeners to start marketing the podcast for you. You want them to share it with their friends. But if you complicate the name of your podcast for the sake of a Twitter handle, I believe you’re doing it wrong.

Attract Loyal Listeners

Good podcast names attract loyal listeners.

I’ve said it many times on the podcast and it still holds true: Your podcast isn’t for everyone.

While we all love getting more people to listen to our podcasts, it’s important that we’re getting the right people to listen to our podcasts.

There is not a single podcast out there that every person in the world wants to listen to. That’s not your goal.

The goal is to find people who can connect with you and your content. When you build a connection you can get them to subscribe and this is the beginning of a loyal listener.

So what does a podcast name have to do with this?

A good name will strike a nerve with your loyal listeners and get them to take a second look.

The best podcast names will get potential listeners to click on your podcast and immediately subscribe or at least start listening to an episode.

Let’s say I named a podcast “Tailgating With Cheeseheads”.

I would imagine this means nothing to many of you.

Some of you may know that tailgating is a reference to activities that take place in a parking lot prior to sporting events. However, it is a much smaller group of people who understand what Cheeseheads are. (Cheeseheads are fans of the Green Bay Packers, an American football team.)

I think you can see how a name like this can quickly weed out non-Packer fans. But at the same time, the few that understand the name will be quickly drawn in by it.

That is your goal.

Good Podcast Names Are…

Good podcast names should be easy to say, easy to spell, and they will allow you to connect with your future loyal listeners.

If you’re having trouble finding a name for your podcast, be sure to check out my Name Your Pod eBook. In this guide I will share with you the process I use to find unique, relevant, and memorable names for all of my podcasts.

Good luck!

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