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Buzzsprout Logo

Buzzsprout is my host of choice.

After experimenting with a few, I feel they have the best user interface and the best customer service.

I've been using their services since 2017 and in that time they continue to improve their services regularly. You can tell they're closely following the podcasting industry and listening to the wants and needs of their current customers.

I do not recommend any other podcast hosting service.

BONUS: If you use this link, Buzzsprout will send you a $20 Amazon gift card after you pay your second invoice.


Podpage is my new top recommendation for anyone looking for a simple, yet professional podcast website.

In the old days, after recording, editing, and uploading a new episode, I would:

  • Create a new WordPress post
  • Copy over the episode title
  • Copy over the episode description
  • Copy over the show notes
  • Copy over the guest information
  • Schedule the post to go live alongside the new episode
  • Create a Pretty Link for the show


With Podpage this is all done automatically!

After I upload my episode, I'm done!

I cannot recommend Podpage enough right now.

While the main functions of Podpage are all automated, you still have plenty of flexibility. You can create custom pages for whatever you need and all the pages that were created automatically, you still have the option to edit manually.

I hope you'll give it a shot.

Disclaimer: This was my previous recommendation for a podcast website solution. Unless you have very specific, advanced website needs, I would definitely recommend Podpage (above). However, I understand some folks may have different needs, so I am leaving this recommendation here as well.

SiteGround Logo

SiteGround is my go-to web host for podcasters.

Podcast websites don't need to be fancy, but you should have some sort of website. I settled on SiteGround because they have very reasonable prices and I've had much better experiences with their customer service than other hosts I've tried.

Fusebox Logo

FuseBox is by no means necessary, but I love how it looks and what it can do.

If you choose to go the traditional route with a WordPress website you can employ the FuseBox player.

On top of simply being a 3-in-1 podcast player, FuseBox deals with:

  • Email integration
  • Transcriptions
  • Social Sharing
ConvertKit Logo

ConvertKit is an email service provider.

This is a service you can use to run your mailing list. (Which, if you don't have one, I strongly recommend you start one today!)

Like Buzzsprout above, I believe ConvertKit is the best of its kind and therefore the only email service provider I recommend.

If you don't want to jump into their paid plan immediately, you can experiment with their free plan here.

StreamYard Logo

StreamYard is the software I use for all video purposes.

It is intended for live streaming, but I use it for:

  • Connecting with guests
  • Helping people setup their podcast
  • Facebook Live
  • Recording podcasts

It's very simple to use.

It requires NO DOWNLOAD for you or your guests.

I have not had any connection issues to date.

It's truly a great piece of software that they continue to update and improve.