Podcasting Crash Course

When I began podcasting in 2015, this is all I wanted.

I wanted someone with experience who would hold my hand and walk me through the process step by step to get me started as soon as possible.

So that's what I want to do for you.

No more YouTube rabbit holes. No more Facebook groups. No more 30-Day courses.

NOW is the time for action. NOW is the time to make progress. NOW is the time to start your podcast.


Whether you're brand new to podcasting or you have a few episodes under your belt, I want to make sure you understand the magic of an RSS Feed.

This is the technology that automates the distribution of your podcast so it's worth having a basic understanding.

Even if you don't have your equipment purchased yet, we'll spend a few minutes covering the basics.

If needed, we can schedule a brief follow-up when your equipment arrives.

One of the Top 5 questions I get from new podcasters:

Which directories should I be listed in?


How do I get listed in all the directories?

We will discuss answers to both of these questions.

The worst thing you can do as a new podcaster is publish an episode that is unlistenable.

It's not enough to have good equipment, you also need to know how to use your equipment properly.

We'll work together to ensure that you are getting the best sound with the equipment that you have.

By far, the most tedious, time-consuming, and loathsome activity connected with podcasting is the editing process.

Even if you plan to outsource this process in the future, it's a skill you should learn in the beginning.

As I mentioned above, podcasters don't typically enjoy the editing process.

This is the number one reason new podcasters quit. They simply get tired of editing their show for hours each week.

I will show you the processes I use on every episode so I never spend more than 30 minutes editing each episode.

A website can be a key piece to the growth of your podcast.

We'll discuss why I strongly recommend you have a website and then, if necessary, what you need to do to get one.


If you already have your equipment, we'll make sure that you have it hooked up and working properly.

If you need to order equipment, we'll talk through your options and figure out the best path for you to take.

Even if you don't have your equipment yet, we are going to do some recording.

I want to give you some experience recording plus we'll use this file later to practice editing and uploading.

We'll discuss various different hosting options and my recommendations, but regardless of which one you choose, by the end of the day you will be up and running.

Once you have an episode recorded and edited and you have your hosting set up, it will be time to upload.

It can be nerve-racking, but that's why I will be there to guide you through it all.

Artwork is a requirement before you can submit to the directories.

We'll take some time to discuss what makes podcast artwork effective then get to work on your art.

You can either make it yourself or (for an additional fee) I have a designer I highly recommend.

Another top reason new podcasters fail: They run out of content.

I am here to set you up for success. We'll work together to develop a content plan that will cover the next 6-12 months.

You'll never be left wondering what to do or what to talk about next.

Websites don't need to be difficult.

You have a lot of options, but we'll find the one that's right for you.