My Shows

Tales From Godric's Hollow Podcast Art

Established: 2016

Target Audience Size: Large

Approximate Downloads: 650,000+

Approximate Earnings: $10,000+


I was the co-founder of Tales From Godric's Hollow.

I served as the host for 2 years. I was able to accomplish my initial goal in that time and handed the show off to new hosts.

I was only responsible for content, I did not edit or produce this show.

Current Involvement

I am currently serving as a consultant for the show.

I occasionally come back as a guest on the show.

Need More Buffs Podcast Art

Established: 2017

Target Audience Size: Small

Approximate Downloads: 11,000+

Approximate Earnings: ?? Drove sales to related eCommerce site


I was the founder of Need More Buffs.

This was my first solo show. I was responsible for all editing and production.

The show was an extension of my online trading card store.

Current Involvement

This show is no longer in production.

The game it reported on is defunct.

Beam Me Up Podcast Art

Established: 2019

Target Audience Size: Large


I am the co-founder of Beam Me Up.

I am only responsible for content. I do not edit or produce this show.

Current Involvement

I am still the co-host of this show.

I’ve known Matt for several years and had the privilege of working with him on a few projects. This is a guy you want to listen to when it comes to podcasting. 

~ Brent (Co-host of Beam Me Up)

Podcast Better Artwork

Established: 2020

Target Audience Size: Medium


I am the founder of Podcast Better.

I am solely responsible for all editing and production of this show.

Current Involvement

I am still hosting this show.

I still retain all editing and production responsibilities.

I love being a podcaster, but at 6 months in the game, I have moved from having a million newbie questions to actual challenges and a few mishaps. Matt’s podcast is to the point, practical and you can really tell how well he understands the medium. Thanks, Matt. It’s a killer show!

~ FlameRetardant (Review of Podcast Better)

Past Clients

Mental Maintenance Podcast Art

I loved getting the podcast report back from Matt. His critiques were on point. I really appreciated his suggestions and that he gave tangible examples of how to make our show better. Thanks Matt! Would definitely recommend his services!

~ Jordan (Mental Maintenance)

Matt’s evaluation was so helpful! You can tell he put in a lot of time and effort to properly review all aspects of the podcast. Everything was very detailed and came with great suggestions to help improve the project! Thanks Matt!

~ Denise (Mental Maintenance)

The Pewtercast Podcast Art

Matt’s evaluation of my podcast was way more detailed than I thought it would be.  He included things that I never even thought to think about, and have helped give me a broader view of my podcast than just the meat and potatoes of the content.  Ultimately, it has made me now look at my podcast the way others look my podcasts, with what I’m presenting to my listeners and potential listeners.

~ Brent Allen (The Pewtercast)

Retirement Revealed Podcast Art